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RX 852TJ 

Auto-combing machine


Features :

The computer brocade transfer machine is made upon Taiwan advanced machine with improvement. And some main parts (such as electric control, triangle, electric magnet and step motor) adopt imported brand name products of famous enterprise. The various transfers have six kinds of ways: high needle to move from front to back, from back to front; low needle to move from back to front and from front to back and high needle to move from front to back, from back to front. Matched with three-grade jacquard machine, it can produce hundreds of styles. It is suitable for collar and panel production in woolen knitting factories.

Specification :

Gauge 5G to 16G
Needle bed Width 52 inch (1320 mm)
Knitting width Adjustable.
Knitting speed 7 speed at maximum 1.2m/s
Yarn carrier 6 feeding nozzle (12 at maximum) and semi-line colour changing.
Cam system No knit, tuck, full knit, transfer
Needle selection full needle, high needle or bottom jack
Transfer/combing 6 options, transfer high needle, low needle, full needle, front to back, back to front
Stitch density control by stepping motor, position from 0 to 99
Racking New BALL SCREW CONVEYOR driven by stepping motor at biggest 2 inch racking distance, 1/2P,1P,max 6P.
Take-down/ batching Tensile motor, 3 adjustable rotate speed, free regulation to proper tensile.
Auto-stop set yarn break, edge yarn, cloth fall, over-torque, head over edge, needle break, program error,knot.
Drive type Synchronous belt drive, speed controlled by an frequency converter and instructed by program.
Controlling system microcomputer control, easy instruction, simple operation and IC memory card to store or copy your designs.
Display language English or Chinese
Power AC 220 single phase
Motor 1/2 HP (0.55kw) variable frequency motor