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Uniglory Textile is the only dealer for the RX brand flat knitting machines in South Africa, RX (rui-xin) is a professional knitting machine manufacturer in china who continuously producing a better quality of machines and  earn a good name in china as well as in other countries. 

Uniglory Textile has its own knitting house in Newcastle as well, and that is why we can understand your needs/requirements on machines better than the other machinery dealers and supplying you a right machine and services!

As the trend in South Africa as well as all over the world, a smaller gauge knitting machine with transfer function is needed for every Jersey factory to keep their competitive ability in the market, therefore we are here to recommend you a very productive machine, RX 852TJ and RX 06S, this machine can be up to 16 gauge, fast, less damage needles or rejects, easier to control and maintain and much more advantages!  

RX-852TJ RX-852TJ  Auto-Transfer Machine

Fast and reliable auto-transfer machine, 3 grade knitting, 6 options of transfer: transfer high needle, low needle, full needle, front to back, back to front

RX-842PJ RX_842PJ  Four Grade Machine

The four-grade jacquard machine can produce hundreds of styles. Simple, reliable and fast.

RX-880DPJ RX_880DPJ  Double Head System

The double-head single knitting system can gives you the highest production and can be used separately or join together as a two-cam head. The four-grade jacquard machine can produce hundreds of styles.

RX-852S RX-06S  High Speed Ordinary Knitter

RX-06S is made upon long experiments through human-based design and technology combination, the machine has features of stability, stable performance, easy operation, less problems, and higher output.

RX-18B RX-18B  Multi-purpose Auto-striper

Belt knitter, can change colour to make strips.

Five to sixteen gauge.

RX-18BC RX-18BC  Multi-purpose Flat belt machine

Belt knitter, fast and stable.

Five to sixteen gauge.

RX-18C RX-18C  Round Belt Machine

Two to six head, five to sixteen gauge.



1.Circular Machines


 Double Knit Circular Machine     

Double knits Circular Machine

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Single Jersey Knits

4 level X 96,128 heads

Cams: knit, tuck, no knit

30 inches: 20G, 24G, 28G

32 inches: 24G, 28G

34 inches: 20G, 24G, 28G

Ribbing  (1x1 or 2x2)

30 inches: 12G, 14G, 16G, 18G, 20G

Double Knits

4 level lower bed; 2 level upper bed X 96,102 heads

Cams: knit, tuck, no knit

34 inches 24G

2.Flat Machines


Computerized Jacquard Knitting Machine     7F Auto knitting machine

   4C Computerized Knitting             7F Auto knitting Machine

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Computerized Jacquard Machine

5G 7G 14G

Cam data->H-knit,M-knit,H-tuck,M-tuck,Transfer,T(total receive),M-receive,Leave.

Yarn carrier no.-> 1- 8

Stitch Position-> 1-15

Model-> 4C (four knitting head)

Racking Pos.-> 1-15

Half racking-> yes

Take down speed->0-3

Carriage speed->0-20

Cam data->knit, tuck, transfer

Yarn carrier no.-> 1- 8

Stitch Position-> 1-100

Model-> 1C (one knitting head, suitable for jacquard collar)

Racking Pos.-> 1-15

Half racking-> yes

Quarter racking-> yes

Take down tension->0-100 (speeder according to current tension)

Carriage speed->0-100


Auto knitting Machines (Non-computerized)

7G, 10G, 12G, 14G

Cams: Full knit, H-knit, no knit.

Stitch Pos.: 1-3

Yarn Carrier no.: 1-6

Racking: Left or Right (8 Positions)

Carriage Speed: low or high